Thursday, January 30, 2014

Southern Snow Day

You ready to see what Snowmagedon 2K14 looked like in SC?

Oh yeah.  And you better believe that we were excited about it.

Alas, it's already melted and we're back to normal.  Our little family was lucky that we work from home and  didn't have to deal with all of the craziness on the roads. Lots and lots of Atlantans weren't so lucky -- my newsfeed was filled with horror stories of getting stuck on the road, sleeping in cars, or abandoning their vehicles and walking 5+ miles in nothing but their work clothes to find food and shelter.  Some people are STILL STUCK.

But here's the wonderful thing -- for every terrible story I read , I read two more about good Samaritans sacrificing their own comfort to help those in need.  Check out these 13 examples of people being awesome in the Atlanta traffic jam.

Forever I love Atlanta, y'all.


  1. While I am no where near Atlanta it's so crazy to hear about these stories of people being stuck, but just as touching to hear about the good in people!

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  2. Great pictures! I saw all the pictures of people abandoning their cars in Atlanta yesterday-- crazy! I'd love a snow day in LA, but I def don't think people out here could handle it :P

  3. Such sweet memories. Glad you and your family remained safe!

    xo, Kylie Rae

  4. Love the selfie (or if your hubby took it, looks good none the less!)

  5. That's so funny, that amount of snow is nothing to the people were I live. I'm sure your puppy was happy. My dog loves the snow!