Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Rosey Glow

Flax, Ivory, Coral, Rose, Ebony & Gold

THE day.  You know the one.  The last warm day of summer; the first night with air so crisp that you know autumn has officially arrived.  This board embodies that perfect day.  Summer's coral fades into fall's rose, while the gilded gold accents add a warm and elegant feel.  The only things missing from this board are candles. 
Lots and lots of candles.


  1. Love it- sometimes I wish I had a fall wedding!

  2. this board is darling. love it + your poetic description!

    & yes LOTS and LOTS of candles! xo

  3. Love this! The exact time of year I hope to get married in someday [soon]. (oops, did I say that out loud? no rush boyfriend. NO. RUSH.) ;)

    Will you style my wedding one day?! haha no really....do you do work in VA??