Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Four Favorites: Travel Edition

Hey friends.  I'm in travel-mode this week, so I wanted today's Four Favorites to focus on my must-haves for flying.   I'm one of those strange people who love's everything about flying -- the hustle and bustle of the airport, the anticipation of visiting new places, and the people watching.  Oh, the people watching.  It's epic.

My "can't fly without" list is actually pretty short:

1. Durable carryall that can fit over my shoulder and hold a book, scarf, bottle of water, my iPhone, and any other items I need to be easily accessible.  I find the Longchamp Le Pliage to be the perfect bag for traveling (the medium size is pictured, but I recommend the large).
2. A soft scarf that can look chic draped around your neck, but is large enough to bundle up with if the plane is chilly.  No airline blankets for me, thanks.  I would love this patterned beauty from Anthropologie (on sale now!).
3.  Moisturizing lip balm to help combat the dehydration associated with flying.  I've tried a lot of lip products, but I'm in love with the Say Yes to Carrots Line.  I carry the Mint and Sweet Fig flavors in my purse everywhere I go.
4.  My iPhone with headphones.  Because I'm naked without it and can entertain myself for hours.

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  1. That sounds like me when I travel except I always bring my kindle. I'm not a huge fan of flying though so include some cocktails in my must have!

  2. i love the hustle + bustle of flying & the people watching, but i love to do that anywhere! twin again? FUN! & gotta have a nice scarf + cute carry on bag! where you headed too?

    thanks for linking up again lady!

  3. I love my longchamp bags... I have different sizes and just adore them!