Tuesday, January 8, 2013

That Bowtie I Like

I've long admired the work of painter Michelle Armas (an Atlantan!).  I've been contemplating purchasing one of her prints to display in my home... I just can't pick a favorite!  One of my top contenders is "That Bowtie I Like", pictured below.  It perfectly encompasses the happiness of spring, don't you think?  We may have only just gotten through the winter holidays, but I'm already inspired to go ahead and start compiling my spring wishlist...

"That Bowtie I Like" Michelle Armas
Chloe Large Studs
Dior Balm
Sheridan French Tunic 
Book Mark
Mark & Graham Monogrammed Leather Tote

Are you as obsessed with the elbow patches on that tunic as I am? So. In. Love.


  1. Ok I need that print- it's gorgeous!! Now I'm going to figure out where I could put that in my house. I'll also take one of everything else too

  2. Right? One of each, please! :)