Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Good Enough


True story -- I had an entire post ready to publish this morning, but decided to delete it at the last minute.

Why?  Well, I basically complained for 5 paragraphs. Here's an excerpt, below:

"It's been one of those weeks.  The house is covered in boxes and pet hair, we've eaten crap at every meal, and I've officially crossed the "dang girl, you need a shower" threshold.  I haven't been able to think of much to share on the blog this week either.  How can I post about beauty or style when I've worn a different pair of Nike shorts every day this week and my beauty routine has consisted of deodorant and a hair tie?

Making myself feel guilty for not having it all together does have to stop, though.
For you perfect people that can give yourself a salon worthy blow-out at home, close big business deals all day long, update your blog with a beautiful daily post, tend to your organic vegetable garden, workout, AND have a beautiful, wholesome meal on the dinner table every night?
 I might have to skip your social media posts for a while, because I just can't with you right now."

Man, oh man.  Bitter, party of one?

Of course, in moments of self-doubt, insecurity, or just mental exhaustion in general, The Everygirl always manages to publish an article that seems to perfectly encompass my feelings and help me understand how to overcome them*.   This time was no exception.

"Overcoming the Fear of Not Being Good Enough"

It was a beautiful read.  Truly.  I encourage you to read it, and let me know your thoughts.

Do you worry about not being "good" enough? Successful enough? Healthy enough?
Heck -- happy enough?

What do you do to overcome your insecurities?

Alright, now.  It's time for this girl to grab a shower.

*Seriously, I love that website, y'all.


  1. Every single day I worry about those things! Life is not perfect and we only put out the good stuff because let's be honest no one wants to read about the bad stuff lol! Or maybe they do - I don't know!! But you're totally doing the best you can right now and that's all that matters!!! xo and yes the Everygirl does hit the nail on the head every single time!!

  2. Girlfriend I totally get where you’re coming from. Working from home there are some days that I’m lounging in yoga pants and hair that’s only made (somewhat) acceptable by dry shampoo. There are also weeks when I feel full of inspiration and ready to tackle it all. For me it’s about learning to balance and when I’m not feeling inspired, I simply leave the blog a little quieter that day.

  3. I am extremely hard on myself all the time-- nothing I do is good enough for me: "I'm 29 and I'm only HERE in my career?", "I could have done that post so much better", "I feel so un-inspired" etc. Give yourself a breather and more credit for what you have accomplished and do with your blog. It helps for me :)

    Totally love The Everygirl as well-- always amazing posts.

  4. I read that Everygirl article the other day too and it came at just the right time! This is another one I enjoyed -

  5. I swear, there is something in the water, or maybe the moon is off kilter or something! Everyone I know (including myself) is having a week like this! I wrote about it on my blog yesterday too. The flow of energy for the creative entrepreneur is so volatile and that can be a struggle sometimes! Honestly some days, I think it's okay to call it a day and nosh on some long as it's not every day lol!

  6. Girlfriend, keep that pretty head up of yours! You are so talented & such a busy bee. We (&you!) can't do it all. We have to give ourself room to breathe. Blogging is a full time job & so is living life. So take a step back, breathe & recoup. You got this! xoxo

  7. Can I just say I love that little excerpt!? It's hard not to feel like that a lot and social media makes it even harder!! I know some people have it all together but I would say that most do not and only share the good parts! Hope this week is a better one for you

  8. Sometimes its ok to vent and complain I think... its your little blog to rant and rave on! :) Hope you're doing better. Xo

  9. Oh girl, I needed this today. Wait until you add kids to the mix...this feeling of never being enough becomes far more constant. I didn't even think about my blog for almost 2 full weeks - oops!
    Still love catching up with you, even if it's not daily, and even if it's 5 paragraphs of bitching. :-)
    XO - S