Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wedding Wednesday with Bonobos

Married and engaged ladies -- I don't know about y'all, but finding the perfect suit for Levi was one of the most frustrating parts of wedding planning.  We just wanted a modern, slim cut suit in a breathable fabric.  Everything was either too high school prom or too "I borrowed this from my dad".  Neither is a good look for the biggest day of your life!  

I wish we would have known about Bonobos and their slim cotton suit three years ago.  The fit is flawless and cotton is perfect for summertime affairs!  Can we also talk about that shade of navy?  It's so divine that I felt inspired to put together a design board using the suit as my main source of inspiration.  It's a shade that could go with almost any palette, but I love the way it compliments rich berries and wood tones that remind me of late summer!

The groom's ensemble can make as much of an impact as the bride's, don't you agree?


  1. Oh wow - I'm assuming you get to keep the suit right haha!! Love the style of them! We decided to go with Men's Warehouse and their Vera Wang collection because we had a lot of groomsmen and out-of-towners! But the bright side was that Gary got a free suit for the rehearsal dinner!! I always love the look of a really nice navy suit on a groom!!

  2. Gorgeous board! Love pretty wedding inspiration.

  3. Oh gosh I haven't even thought about my mans suit! Definitely going to check out this site...thanks for sharing!

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