Monday, May 5, 2014

Tour de Georgia | Weekend in Pictures

This weekend had me all over the metro Atlanta area for both work and play (although in this case, they felt like the same thing!).  

Friday morning, I met a lovely couple at Atlanta's Piedmont Park to discuss details for their October wedding.  You have to love any meeting that takes place on green grass instead of a board room!

After wrapping up meeting numero uno, we drove about 15 minutes down the road to the charming downtown Decatur, Georgia.  I hadn't been to Decatur in years, and oh my word, y'all -- I'm in love.  It's urban and artsy, but still has a quaint neighborhood feel.  We met with another adorable Tailor & Table client at the Courthouse on the Square (if anyone is planning an intimate affair, the Courthouse ballroom has floor to ceiling marble and is stunning).

After our meeting we wandered around the square and stopped to eat lunch at Brick Store Pub.  I got the veggie sandwich, but my Mom got the Chicken Salad Melt which was to. die for.  They use cream cheese instead of mayo in their chicken salad.  Need I say more?

Despite the fact that we were all STUFFED after lunch, we couldn't leave without dessert! We sampled a few pastries from The Cafe at Cakes & Ale, which were divine.  The atmosphere was really lovely too.

As we were leaving, we walked past King of Pops, an Atlanta staple.  Y'all.  One does not simply walk past King of Pops and NOT get a popsicle.  Two desserts? YOLO.  I got the Ginger Lemonade, which totally helped soothe my overstuffed tummy.

After the perfect afternoon in Decatur, we drove the hour to my absolute favorite town in Georgia -- Athens!  Athens is home to the University of Georgia (my alma matter), and is a little liberal gem in North Georgia.  After stopping to a cup of coffee at Jittery Joe's, we walked over to the baseball field to watch South Carolina (and my baby brother) play the Georgia Bulldawgs.  My brother's team lost, but the Dawgs won, so it all evened out! It was a perfect Friday night.

On Saturday, I made my way to yet ANOTHER one of my favorite places in Georgia -- Roswell.  Roswell is a North Atlanta suburb with a thriving downtown area about 10 minutes away from where I grew up.  I've always loved Roswell and think it is the perfect place to raise a family (maybe one day!).  The weather was divine, so I called up an old highschool friend to meet me for drinks, appetizers, and a little gossip.  

Everyone else had the same idea, because downtown Roswell was packed!  We decided to forego a restaurant in favor of Roswell Provisions, a cute French cafe and bakery.  We bought a bottle of wine and sat out front -- it was perfect!  The owner chatted with us for a while and ended up treating us to a complimentary charcuterie plate, which was so very nice of him.  Meat and cheese and bread, oh my! 

We stayed up WAY too late enjoying our solo cups of wine.  What started as a casual happy hour drink turned into a very fun night... isn't that how the story always seems to go?

I had a client meeting at (what felt like) the crack of dawn Sunday morning.  Afterwards, I drove back to Greenville and took a much needed nap before starting to pack for our trip (we leave Wednesday ---- eeeek!).  

The weekend really made me miss my home state and all of its charm.  It also doesn't help that my parents and a lot of old friends are there.  As much as we love living in Greenville, it's really hard not to get homesick from time to time!  

Where did you grow up?  Could you imagine yourself living there now?


  1. This looks like such a fun weekend! I am marking this post just in case I go to Atlanta anytime in the near future-- it's on the list to visit! Decatur looks like somewhere I would love too!

  2. What a great weekend - wedding planning and catching up with friends!! Perfect!! I haven't been to Atlanta in years - but I need to go back now that I'm of age lol!! I was never able to imagine raising my family where I grew up in Jacksonville, FL...but since moving to Boston I've realized growing up in Jax was pretty much amazing!! Beach, city and lots to do and eat!! Why did I move to the cold!?

  3. Looks like a great weekend!! All of that food you ate sounds divine- esp the wine, cheese, and bread. Pretty much my ideal meal. I live right outside of my hometown- I'm happy I'm close to family but do sometimes dream of living somewhere else just to try out a different state!

  4. You've confirmed my dream of ending up in Atlanta somewhere. People here in Columbus just don't understand why I love Atlanta so much haha!

  5. I'm a Roswellite myself and I have to say it was a great place to grow up! Enjoy Europe, can't wait to see pics!