Monday, April 28, 2014

Budget Buys | Summer Wardrobe

As soon as the seasons start changing, I start getting "the itch".

"The itch" = the overwhelming desire to run to the closest Neimans/log-on to Shopbop and overhaul my entire summer wardrobe.  But between a life of self-employment and an impending trip to Europe, my shopping fund is at an all time low.  Time to improvise!

Even though the Shopbop and Saks Friends and Family events were calling  SHOUTING my name the other week, I decided to pass in favor of some more affordable options.  While cruising the mall, I decided to stop in Express.  I hadn't shopped in Express since I was 14 or so, but the lovely Gina always finds the cutest stuff there, so I decided to stop being a snob and see what it was all about. Express also happened to be holding a store-wide 40% off promotion, so why not give it a shot?

Boy, oh boy.  Express WAY exceeded my expectations (Gina, you were right!).  In addition to a few other goodies, I snagged this adorable romper for less than $35 after the discount was applied!  It can be difficult for non-petite girls to find rompers that are flattering and long enough to cover your boot-ay and this one fits the bill.  The shorts are actually so flowy that it looks like a sundress from afar.  It's perfectly light and airy for sweaty South Carolina summers! I paired it with simple flat sandals since we were headed to the park and Brewery 85, but you could easily amp up the look with strappy heels and killer jewelry.

Romper: Express
Bag: Gap (sold out online)
Sandals: Target
Necklace: Find at the Apparel Mart (old)

I also stopped in the Gap and scored this genuine leather crossbody for less than $30 (sorry for the blurry photo).  It will be the perfect bag to take to Europe!

While I still plan on splurging now and again (my motto will always be quality over quantity), I love knowing that I can find pieces that I absolutely LOVE that don't break the bank.  The thrill of buying an entire (cute!) outfit for less than I would normally spend on one blouse is thrilling and semi-addicting ;).  It's a sale shopping high!

Also, can we talk about the drastic color difference between my upper and lower body?  
SPOILER ALERT - Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs in "Light" is not light. At. All.   
So dark, much orange.
At least it covered up all of the bruises I've acquired from living the klutz life?

What are your favorite budget-friendly clothing retailers?

Can anyone recommend a great leg makeup that works for girls who have NOT spent three weeks on a tropical island?

This post was not sponsored by Express or Gap.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Love this romper! I haven't been in Express in years- maybe I should give them a chance next time I'm at the mall. Gap and Old Navy are my usual cheap deal stores- esp when they have sales. I'm also loving the orange legs ;) I have no good ideas I usually have to self tanner my whole body to keep it even.

  2. Who knew Express was making a comeback? I’ll have to stop in there! Gap & Old Navy are two of my favorite budget friendly stores. Their stuff for spring is so cute!

  3. Ohhh hey!! Thanks for the shout out! :) I'm so glad you stopped into Express and that romper is SO CUTE on you! I actually can't even tell it's a looks like a skirt. Not that it matters, because either way you look great. Good to know about SH Airbrush legs! I've only heard good things about it but I'll stick to my Jergens Natural Glow foam. :)
    On the Daily Express

  4. So, we all know that I agree with you the vast majority of the time. But I cannot get on board with your review of Sally Hansen leg makeup. Girl, it's awesome. I even start at a way whiter base than I do. And I've even used medium haha.

    We'll have to chat about it. Which means you need to get the eff on some chat.

  5. I love that romper!!! It's such an appropriate length too! I really love the Loft and Gap for budget friendliness as well as TJ have to dig but you can find some great stuff!

  6. That romper is the cutest ever! I have a black one I got from F21 last year and it was easily my most worn outfit the entire summer! I was at the mall yesterday and now am so wishing I had stopped in Express!

  7. Hi Natalia. I am Ada, I found you via the Monday link up. You look so cute in that little Romper which at first looks like a LBD. I will be taking a peek around your lovely blog. I welcome you to stop by mine.

    Thanks and Happy Monday, Ada. =)

  8. Holda holda!! That's a romper? It looks awesome and well I think I need it!
    So happy to have you at Manic Monday! Hope to see you again next week!

  9. Ummm hello gorgeous! You look so cute in that romper - I love it! Rompers look so ridiculous on me & make my flat butt look like an extension of my back. :-(
    Soooooo funny about your legs!!! That stuff gets me every time too. Somehow I forget how orange it monthly...oops!

  10. I love that romper!! It is perfect...I think I need it. I have always loved express I have so many nice pieces from there that I've owned for years. XO