Monday, March 31, 2014

Beauty Review | NARS Sheer Glow Foundation

I'll be honest.  Most days, I don't even wear makeup.  Working from home, I just can't motivate myself to put on makeup before running to the gym, Target, or Publix (the three places I go most often :)). If I do prettify myself for the day, I typically wear tinted moisturizer since it's sheer, natural, and easy to apply.

However, every girl needs a good foundation for special occasions.  Whether it be a night on the town, a nice event, or just because you feel like lookin' good -- sometimes, a tinted moisturizer just doesn't cut it.  I've tried a million different foundations (only the slightest of exaggerations), but my current favorite is
NARS Sheer Glow.

According to the Sephora website, NARS Sheer Glow is "a glowing, satin-finish foundation with sheer and buildable coverage."  This is pretty spot-on.  Sheer Glow applies to the face with ease (provided you prep correctly -- don't forget to exfoliate and follow up with a moisturizer or primer).  After one layer, I felt like any discoloration was evened out, but it was still sheer enough to see my a few freckles.  I decided to do a second layer (you know, for science), and was very happy to see how well it layered.  Two coats covered pretty much everything, my skin still felt like it could breath, and I didn't feel like I was wearing a "mask" by any means.

I don't have a fancy schmancy camera, but I did snap some iPhone photos in front of a window, to give you an idea of what it looks like in natural (albeit not direct) light. 

Clean, exfoliated skin prepped with Vitamin C serum, Argan oil, and SPF30.

Two coats of NARS Sheer Glow (plus the rest of my makeup routine!).

Type: Liquid.  Application was smooth with both a Beauty Blender and MAC 187 brush (I used the brush for these photos).
Finish: Satin, aka not matte, but not dewy either.  It's really nice for normal to dry skin, but those of you with oily skin will probably find it too rich.  For you oily skinned gals, NARS has another version of this foundation in a matte finish.  Fellow dry skin folks who want even more glow, Makeup Forever Face & Body foundation is my go-to for a really dewy look.
Shade Selection:  Excellent.  Whether your undertones are warm, cool, or neutral, you should be able to find a nice match.  They also have a great selection of very light shades for my fellow fair maidens.  I'm wearing Gobi, which is "light with yellow undertone".
Wear: It lasts a solid 8+ hours on me without fading (again, with proper skin prep).  Note that my skin is normal to dry, so oily girls might not be so lucky.
Price: $55 for an ounce. Yeeeeeeeesh.  However, one bottle will last forever -- several months with daily use, and even longer with periodic use.  I've had my bottle for over a year and still have about 30% left.  Regardless, I've never found a drugstore foundation that I like even half as much.

It's pretty close to perfect, but the price is a doozy.

Next on my list to try: Yves St. Laurent Touche Eclat Foundation. Because the grass is always greener.

Have you tried NARS Sheer Glow?  Do you have a holy grail foundation?

*NARS did not ask me to review their product, nor was I compensated in any way.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Love the finish it gives!! I haven't found a liquid foundation that I really love but I've heard great things about the Givenchy and the one you just reviewed!! Once my HD Make-up forever is out (which is really great as well) I'll try one of the two!!

    1. You should definitely try Nars Sheer Glow Foundation, it's a nice foundation!
      ~Pauline @ Nars Philippines

  2. Ah. It's the best. I don't think I'll ever try anything different. One quick note for all of your jetsetting readers: the formula thins in the heat (for example, in your makeup bag in a suitcase) and tends to spill through the cap. After several calls to NARS customer service, the girl at Sephora told me she had the same problem and told me there is a pump cap sold separately made to stop this problem. They replaced my bottle because after 8 flights in a month and 8 makeup bag clean outs I had lost a lot of the product, and I went on my merry way. Moral of the story: buy the pump, and Sephora is the shit.

    Also I legit had this conversation with Laine LAST NIGHT. I swear we're sharing the same brain.

  3. Ummm are you sure I didn't write this post? Cause I don't do my makeup on the daily and also l-o-v-e Nars Sheer Glow. It really is so beautiful... but that price tag. A shame. I have been on a ruthless search to find a dupe for this blessed foundation for about two months now, and I think I *finally* found one.

    Once I have confirmed the dupe status, you know I'll be posting about the many products I tried in vain along the way and probably dancing around my bedroom every time I do my makeup. WHOOP.

  4. You are right you pretty much do not need foundation but it did brighten you up a bit. You look great. I wear it thanks to my %50 of Irish/English blood...lots of ruddiness!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  5. I've been terrified of liquid foundation but I think you have pretty much convinced me to give it a go! It looks so even and lightweight on your skin!

  6. Thanks for the review. I am currently using Laura Mercier for the first time and I like it for now. Btw, your skin looks flawless!

  7. I am in dire need of a good light weight foundation for summer...this might just be it! Thank you for sharing.

    P.S. your gorgeous!!

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  8. Your make-up looks fabulous!!! Great review :)
    xo TJ

  9. I've been on the hunt for a foundation like this because I used to have oily skin but post baby my skin is so dry and I feel like all foundation looks cakey and awful on me. I'm going to need to give this one a try.

  10. I've been meaning to try nars sheer glow, as well as the creamy concealer. Thanks for the great review....although I'm not sure you even need foundation! Your skin is flawless!

  11. Wow! Your face looks flawless even before any makeup! I used the Nars sheer matte a year or two ago and I liked it buuut the shade was always a little off for my skin tone, which was annoying because I was matched by a makeup artist. I've been wanting to try the sheer glow formula after hearing so many good things about it but am nervous I won't be able to match again!

  12. Loved this review! Just been checking out your blog and i really like it :) I just started a blog and would be cool to get some people to check it out, if you want to please do thanks!
    Ellie -

  13. Thanks for reviewing this product! I’m looking forward to purchase a full bottle of this! <3