Friday, June 28, 2013


Oh hey, friends. Remember me?

I know, it's been a while.  I took a little break -- not because I was exhausted and needed to get away, but because life has been crazy (in a good way!).  The month of June has been very, very good to me.

Let's recap, shall we?

I rescued this little nugget.  She showed up in our neighborhood with no collar and no microchip.  We searched for an owner, but after a few days we realized that someone probably dumped her in the neighborhood and left (which makes me incredibly angry, but I digress).  Peach the Puppy lived at our house until we found her a great forever family. Georgia and I miss her, but I'm so glad she has a family that loves her to peices!

I had my 5 seconds of fame on Bravo's "Newlyweds".  I worked on Blair & Jeff's wedding, and the cameras caught me in OCD mode (folding and refolding napkins until they are perfect).

We celebrated Georgia's 2nd birthday by chasing ducks and eating peanut butter fro-yo.

We've tried some new restaurants in Greenville and dined al fresco.

At home, we've been focusing on clean eating (80% of the time, anyway).

I reached out to my homegirl, Angela from Saffron Avenue, to start an exciting new project (!!!).

We booked a vacation to Mexicoooo! We leave next Saturday.


Here's to July being just as wonderful! Hopefully I'll be around to share more of it in real time, too. :)

So tell me -- how was your June??


  1. oh hey girl hey.
    missed you & your posting.
    glad this month treated you well.

    & excited about your trip to mehico. N + I are looking at booking one in the near future! eek. so exciting.

    we need to chit chat. i got your email like you know a while back, but have been swamped + have yet to reply. but lets talk soon!


  2. Sounds like an amazing month! :)