Wednesday, May 8, 2013

All the Juicy Details: Day Two

7:00AM - Wake up after sleeping in a bit today.  I feel fantastic! I slept like a rock and feel very rested. Step on the scale -- down 1.6 pounds.  Whoo hoo! I know losing weight isn't the point of the cleanse but  hey, I don't hate it.

8:37AM - Time for my grapefruit Bloody Mary again (vodka free, boo).  I still love the kick that the Cayenne provides, and this one goes down pretty easily.  Still missing coffee.

10:00 AM - Decide I'm not hungry and don't even bother with the Purple Powerhouse, aka cabbage in a bottle.  Blech.  I panic thinking about throwing money away, but only until I remember the taste of liquid cabbage.  Adios, amigo.

1:23PM - The biggest surprise of the day is how NOT hungry I am, especially because I've only had one juice and lots of water.  My energy level is also very high (I am shocked, I swear).

2:17PM - Get an email from my boss.  We've been so busy recently, that he's decided to have breakfast catered at our office tomorrow.  This hurts.  It hurts badly. I'm very concerned about tomorrow morning and kind of want to cry.  You know what would make me feel better? A cup of coffee.

2:50PM - Open the Stamina juice. Drink about half and put the top back on.  I want my Filler Up!

3:00PM - Open my Filler Up.  The Chia Seeds make me oh, so happy.  I probably have them in my teeth, but whatevs. 

5:13PM - Finish the Filler Up.  I savored that sucker for as long as I could.  I start fantasizing and planning my first day worth of meals post-cleanse.  Currently planning on eggs and fresh berries for breakfast, Trader Joe's Butternut Squash and Wheatberry Salad for lunch, and salmon with veggies for dinner.  Avocado will make an appearance somewhere in that mix. NOM NOM NOM.  I'm currently craving all food, but I will say that healthy/clean foods sound the most appetizing right now.  That's a nice side effect!

6:15PM - Get home from work and make the executive decision that I am not even going to attempt the Salad Sipper today.  Blech.  Thankfully, I still have a lot of energy and I'm not terribly hungry.  I am already fantasizing about the Night Cap, though...

7:00PM - Finally.  The Night Cap.  I savor every last drop, and feel completely fat and happy by the time it's done.  It really is a genius move to make the last juice of the day so delicious that you forget how awful the rest of your day was. 

7:45PM - Levi comes home with a McDonald's double cheeseburger, fries, and Diet Coke.  I contimplate suffocating him in his sleep.  I kid, I kid (sorta).  Honestly, his meal doesn't tempt me that much.  Do I want to eat it? Hell yes.  Is the desire to eat McD's so overwhelming that I can't see stright? Nah. Not at all, actually.

8:17PM - HOUSTON, WE HAVE A PROBLEM.  My energy level has flatlined and I can feel a headache coming on.  Lights from the TV and computer screen are making my headache worse.  I contimplate giving up.  I've felt so great all day long, so why is this happening now?!  Decide to suck it up.  I do have a very small handful of raw cashews (unsalted) to help suppliment my calories for the day.

10:00PM - G'night.  Once again, I fall asleep on 1.25 seconds and slept like a rock.

Not so bad. In fact, the day was pretty darn good. I had plenty of energy and wasn't terribly hungry.  If I hadn't been at work all day, I would have had enough energy to work out.  The evening wasn't great -- I blame the headache and low-energy on the low calorie intake for the day.  Considering that I only drank 3.5 of the 6 juices, I'm definitely below 1200 calories for the day.  No bueno. 

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  1. Love reading this! I'm definitely going to do a juice cleanse post baby. Which cleanse are you doing?