Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Southern Weddings

Yesterday was your typical Tuesday -- at work, answering a million emails, and in desperate need of a latte. I decided to take a sneak peak at Facebook (shhh) and boy, was I surprised when I saw a post from my fabulous wedding photographer saying that Natalia + Levi's wedding was named one of the Top Ten All-Time Favorite Weddings by Southern Weddings Magazine.

Wait. What?

I clicked on the link. Low and behold, there it was


I respect the ladies at SW so, so much and they feature some of the absolute best content in the wedding world.  I can say with absolute confidence that they publish the BEST wedding magazine, period.  No one else even comes close!   I'm still completely baffled that they wanted to publish our wedding in their V4 print edition, and now I'm even more shocked that my little budget DIY affair made their Top Ten list*. 

Ladies of Southern Weddings, THANK YOU.
All of my talented, dedicated, super-duper awesome superstar vendors, THANK YOU.
Mom, Dad, Taryn & Tom, THANK YOU.
Levi, thanks for marrying me.  I know I can be a bit of a handful sometimes.

Be sure to head over to the SW blog to check out the other weddings on the list -- they included some of my all-time favorites (I still remember drooling over Lindsey & Tyson's wedding when I first saw it in V3, and absolutely nothing has changed).

Want to see more of our wedding?  Be sure to check out the Part One and Part Two on the Southern Wedddings Blog!

Also, I don't care if you're single, engaged, or already married -- go buy all five editions of Southern Weddings Magazine now.  It's so full of pretty.  You will thank me.

Happy 5th Birthday, Southern Weddings!!!

*Psssst, Marissa.  Thanks for choosing us! You're my homegurl.


  1. Congrats Nat! Your wedding really was so beautiful! I remember telling Kt it looked like something straight out of a magazine when I saw the pictures. So, this makes perfect sense. Well deserved lady!

  2. That's MAJOR! congrats! Your wedding did look amazing!


  3. um, hello! that is the coolest thing EVER. i am officially going to go stalk SWAG mag & search for your wedding.

    ok, im back + i just stalked the photos! YOU are beyond gorgeous sweet girl. & truly your wedding is one of my favorites from their magazines! when i start planning my wedding (one day) im coming to you for tips!


  4. Wow how exciting!!! Congrats! I'm going to check it out now

  5. Girl your wedding was gorgeous!!! It does not look like you had a tight budget at all!!