Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Hey, friends.  How goes it?  My sweet, sweet friend Ashlyn from Let it be Beautiful tagged me after she shared her Five Truths yesterday, so of course I accepting the challenge.

Secrets, secrets are no fun unless you tell everyone. Right?

Truth One
I only wash my hair twice a week, max.  I have super thick hair and I haaaaaate the process of washing, drying and styling my hair.  Luckily, I've trained my hair to stay clean for two to three days.  Then I extend it another day or three with dry shampoo and ponytails.  Judge away, clean freaks, judge away.

Truth Two
I'm terrible at keeping in touch with long-distance friends. I love them to pieces and think of them often, but I  rarely pick up the phone and call.  I deal with people all day, and often the only things I want after work are sweat pants and silence.  However, that's no excuse.  I need to make more of an effort, even if it's just a quick text message or card in the mail to let them know I love them dearly and cherish their friendship

Psst, all my LDF's out there? I love you!! Sorry I'm such a sketch-ball.

Truth Three
I'm obsessed with TV.  Seriously, obsessed.  I develop oddly deep emotional connections with characters and story lines.  I probably have 10+ shows that I watch religiously, including The Walking Dead, Shameless, Girls, Breaking Bad, Suits, Modern Family, Homeland, The Real Housewives of Orange County, and The Millionaire Matchmaker.  Thank the TV gods for my DVR.  Do you watch any of those shows?  Call me.  Lord knows I'd love to talk about my friends Walter White and Patti Stanger.

Truth Four
I curse like a ******* sailor. A-Bombs, D-Bombs, S-Bombs, F-Bombs --  I drop them all.  If I'm not careful, I can easily work multiple curse words into a single sentence without realizing what I'm doing.  It's extremely unbecoming and I know that I should stop... but honestly, I don't see myself cleaning up my act anytime soon.  

Truth Five
I've only had one serious boyfriend, who is now my husband.  I kissed my share of boys, but I was way too insecure as a teenager to ever let anyone get too close.  I started dating L when I was nineteen and it was the first time I had ever dated someone exclusively.  He made me feel beautiful, smart, funny, and all-around fabulous, and continues to make me feel the same way every day.  Do I sometimes think about what I missed out on by not dating more men?  Of course -- I'd be lying if I said I never think about it.  But on the flip side, I have a wonderful significant other who makes me feel like a rock star, PLUS I've never experienced a serious heartbreak.  

So there you go.  That was relatively painless.

MarilisaLauran, Nat, Tina, and Emily -- you're it, girlfrans.


  1. I love this! One, Two and Four are definitely me to a "t"!!!!! Love that we have even more in common now!

  2. boo you whore -

    yes you're correct you are a sketchball, but at least you realize!! And for the record you have been wonderful about picking up the phone during my engagement so thank you!!!! I needed you something serious.

  3. Oh I totally curse like a sailor too! It's so bad- I've scaled back a lot lately in my new job thankfully but it's still bad. I am so obsessed with certain tv shows and put way too much effort into watching them- my husband thinks I'm crazy b/c I become so invested in the characters!

  4. Oh and thanks for tagging me- I can't wait to play along!

  5. I saw you over at East Coast Chic and saw you are living in Greenville, that is home for me. Love that town! Love your blog as well. I am your newest follower over at www.lookslikelulu.blogspot.com

  6. Thanks for the tag! I also barely wash my hair. Just yesterday a friend was like "Oh you washed your hair because it smells good!" but no...it was just eau de baby powder. I'm gross. Glad I'm in good company though!

  7. This is so bizarre. I am in agreement with or guilty of every single one of these things (given a few changes on the TV topic - so what if I DVR Say Yes To The Dress AND watch the marathons of it on Sunday morning while I drink four cups of coffee? I'm not desperate to get married, I just really freakin' love bridal fashion. Geez.)

    Also, getting through day 3 (or 4) of dirty hair? Braids, girl. Braids. And I ENDLESSLY get compliments on my braiding abilities, and every time it makes me laugh inside bc those people don't know that what my braids are really saying is, "we're holding back three days of life dirt in this hair." Whatever... I OWN that shit.

  8. Truth 1 - wash my hair daily because I use waaay too much product
    Truth 2 - I'm 3 months behind on my annual holiday letter
    Truth 3 - add PBR bull riding to my list
    Truth 4 -get this from your mother. It will change when you have babies you repeat after you
    Truth 5 - love the southern gentlemen who make us feel rock star like

    Apple didn't fall far from the tree

  9. only wash mine once a week! my hair is dry and thick. not complaining :)

  10. Nice! I didn't know this about you guys. That's awesome!

  11. This was awesome! I didn't know that about you and L. That's awesome! Tina tagged me but I'm yet to write it. Busy season is almost over though.

  12. Love this! What a cute blog, I'm following along now :)