Thursday, January 31, 2013

That Time I Asked Levi to Take Pictures

Blouse // Jacket (old) // Pants // Shoes // Watch

Tired of the old #selfie in front of the mirror routine, I asked Levi to take a couple photos for me to share on the blog.  So outside we went, iPhone camera in tow.

Twenty seconds later, we were done.  I stood there, prepping for our photo shoot, and he snapped 10 photos of me standing in the same position.  He then handed me the phone, and went back inside to finish his work day.  That's all I got.  Granted, it was super windy outside and I think that in Levi's mind he took plenty of photos, but really?  That's it?!

How the heck do you ladies coerce your friends or significant others to help out with your OOTD photos AND spend more than 30 seconds to make sure you get plenty of good shots?
Begging? Pleading? 

Teach me your ways.

Until then, you're stuck with these.  Womp, womp.


  1. YAY! Check you out :) My advice on the whole outfit photo thing is to find a photog friend. I have a couple of friends who do photography work on the side so they have DSLRs. Then you won't have to bribe because they like what they're doing haha. Also, think about investing in a DSLR, they are totally worth it! Not just for outfit photos but for trips, everyday life, whatever!

  2. I take all of my pics myself. I'm going to invest in a tripod and remote for my camera so I no longer have to take selfies!

  3. If you had a friend with an interest in photography and was interested in building their portfolio that would be a pretty perfect trade - you get perfect, crisp photos and they get shout outs on your blog!

    I have a DSLR and still have SO much to learn about it...I also know that Taylor would do the EXACT same thing Levi did. I would be happy to come up to Greenville to help out :)

  4. ha i get tired of the ol selfie too. & N gets mad at me all the time. so i bought a tripod and a clicker = LIFE GOT A 100 x BETTER! but Levi didn't do a bad job at all, tell him he is a pro! x

  5. Haha this sounds just like my husband!! I always have to do the selfie shot because he would do the exact same thing as yours and get fed up and not do it. Oh men, why don't they understand?!

  6. If you come to Athens one day I'll take plenty of pictures of you in your fabulous outfits :)

  7. Come to Athens and I'll take plenty of pictures of you in your fabulous outfits w/ my Nikon :)