Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rocky Top

Not a bad view, eh?

Oh, goodness. The long holiday weekend was SO wonderful.  Our cabin ended up being right on the Tennessee River and offered the most idyllic views.  The rushing water, the green meadows, the fresh air... something about the mountains speaks to my soul.  I wanted to run along the river singing "THE HILLS ARE ALIIIIIIIVE WITH THE SOUND OF MUUUUUSIC", Maria von Trapp-style.  

As predicted, the weekend was filled with laughs, cocktails, and sweater leggings (of course)*.  We had a big group (12 people!) and the entire weekend was completely drama-free. Don't you just love that?  I can't wait to reunite with this fun group for the wedding this March!

*We also watched a lot of LOLcat gifs and laughed until we cried, but you didn't hear that from me

Where do you guys like to go for a weekend getaway?  
Are you a fan of rolling green hills or do you prefer white sand and salt water?


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Glad you were able to relax...and sing :)

  2. sounds like a fabulous weekend. girls weekends can be the absolute best. i am in desperate need of one! x

    1. You deserve one -- it seems like you're always working so hard!

    2. ya it seems like that! hopefully soon -- or maybe we could live closer + have a girls weekend/night! ha x