Monday, December 24, 2012

A Very Cozy Christmas

You know the families in the movies who get dressed in their Christmas best for a candlelit five-course meal?  

Yeah, so not my family.*  

Our tradition is to hang out in our pajamas all day and really take our time enjoying the festivities.  We leisurely open our stockings, maybe open a present or two, and then eat a deliciously decadent breakfast.  We open our presents slowly, taking time to enjoy each one before moving on to the next.  Christmas movies, naps, and cups of coffee are sprinkled throughout the day.  Sometimes, we don't even finish opening gifts until that evening.  All in all, a quiet day filled with the best company.

*Okay, truth be told, my mother does serve a beautiful Christmas dinner, complete with fine china and candlelight.  She even makes us change out of our pajamas before dinner. 
Into jeans
 And maybe a sweatshirt
But definitely no makeup
. . . 
Bless her heart.

I'm off to finish my last minute shopping and wrapping (tsk, tsk).  
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas Eve!


  1. Ha. So funny. Christmas Eve we cook an amazing meal, eat on china and drink from crystal in the dining room, but we are all wearing our PJs or sweats.

    1. A holiday feast is much more enjoyable in elastic waistbands than in Spanx, for SURE